Working Title: The King in Orange
Genre: Supernatural and/or cosmic horror (no realistic horror, please)
Word count: 5000 to 8000
Due date: (Extended) May 31st, 2017
Payment: We plan to Kickstart this project. Therefore we will be able to pay a decent per word rate (we hope it will be at least 5c per word) as an advance, plus our usual 50% royalty split after the advances have been earned out. (Please note: In the event that we do not secure the funding, we will have to rethink how the book will be produced. For that reason, we can't say for certain how much the rate will be.)
Other: No reprints, please. We sign contracts laying out our terms. We buy world English rights for print and ebook (with an option to produce an audiobook), exclusive for six months after publication. We edit up to our (high) standard. We will work with authors whose stories we feel are not quite ready but whose story largely fits what we're looking for. We will let you know that we plan to work on it at the time we offer you a deal contingent on getting it right. In this way we can give writers a chance who might not otherwise have one.

This is a call for stories featuring the monster in the White House. These should be either supernatural horror or cosmic horror. We are looking for things that are scary but could not really have happened. So your villainous Trump would not be a serial killer. Or if he is,  he would also be an occultist or an Old One or a Demon. He would be haunted by the ghosts of the people he destroyed or he would have some other paranormal experience. Make use of all we know about him to write horror. HOWEVER we would prefer that you not involve other real life people, distance yourself from mentioning members of his family by name if possible. Similarly, people like his campaign manager. If your story requires this, be aware that we want to make every effort not to write hatefully about women in this book.

There are other angles here as well. For example, certain segments of the media would make an excellent story villain/evil force.

This is an "unpresidented" opportunity. Because what s more post-truth than FICTION.

~The Staff at Ghostwoods Books.