Ends on January 5, 2018
Working Title: Cthulhu Speaks

Word Count: 5000 to 7000 words

Pays: $50 per accepted story on publication, plus an equal share of 50% of book's earnings.

What we're looking for: This will be the third book in a series of anthologies, aimed at modernizing and updating Lovecraft's style of cosmic horror, including making the writing more to modern tastes. That is, not so much exposition, more current settings, no racism,  and so on, but maintaining the eerie feel of Lovecraft's work. For this book in particular, we are looking for stories that include modern technology as a necessary component.

Please note: Must be cosmic horror or weird fiction. We shy away from rape or sexual assault in the books we publish, so include it at your own risk. Stories do not have to mention Cthulhu.

Previous books in this series may be seen here: Cthulhu Lies Dreaming, Cthulhu Lives!

Deadline: 5 January, 2018